12th Gen Intel Core Mobile Processors Now Official: Offers Up To 44% Increase In Performance

Following the launch of the 12th Gen Intel Core K-series desktop processors back in October, Intel has taken the stage at CES 2022 to unveil more new chips within the 12th Gen Cire family. In addition to the mainstream desktop processors, the company has also officially announced the new 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors.

Formerly codenamed Alder Lake and built using Intel 7 manufacturing process, 28 processors out of the 60 models within the 12th Gen Intel Core family are actually mobile processors. Leading the group is the performance-oriented H-series processors that are available in eight different models:

[Image: Intel – pdf.]

Depending on specific models, the 12th Gen Intel Core H-series chip can run at up to 5Ghz and features up to 20 processor threads that are being delivered through up to six performance cores (P-cores) and eight efficient cores (E-cores). The company claimed that the top-of-the-line model, the Core i9-1180HK is able to deliver up to 28% more performance in gaming as well as 43% for 3D rendering in their tests.

Intel also said that their new chip not only able to outdo the Ryzen 5000 Series processors made by its close rival AMD but also Apple’s M1 Max and M1 Pro which is quite a bold claim:

[Image: Intel]

Alongside the Alder Lake H-series chips, the new 12th Gen Intel Core P-series processors which are being designed for performance-oriented thin and light laptops have also made their debut at CES 2022. They may have the same base power rating of 45W alongside maximum processing threads and cores as per their H-series counterparts but the P-series chips have slower clock speed while their turbo power rating is also much lower at 64W as opposed to H-series’ 115W.

[Image: Intel – pdf.]

Of course, Intel did not forget about the U-series processors too. Since they are meant for ultrathin and fanless laptops for mobile warriors out there whereby battery life is a major concern, these new chips operate at an even lower power range of 9W to 15W.

In terms of availability, Intel said that consumers should be able to see laptops with the 12th Gen Intel Core H-series processors in retail stores starting from this coming February. On another hand, Windows and Chrome devices powered by the 12th Gen Intel Core U and P-series chips will make their way into the market within Q1 2022.

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