Acer Malaysia Offers To Repair Flood-Damaged Devices For Free

Acer has announced a free repair programme for users that have been affected by the recent flood in Malaysia. According to the announcement on Acer Malaysia’s Facebook page, the free repair applies to all Acer devices regardless of their warranty status.

There are terms and conditions attached to the programme but we are currently waiting for further clarification from Acer Malaysia as the TnC was not provided in the announcement. Nevertheless, the company said that users would be provided with a 20% discount to purchase a new Acer laptop or desktop PC through Acer Malaysia’s online store if it is not able to repair the damaged devices.

On another hand, Acer Malaysia has also said that users can bring their non-Acer products to be repaired by the company. Not surprisingly, there will be a charge involved for such devices though.

Those who want to take upon the free repair programme, they can do so by contacting Acer Malaysia at 1-800-88-1918. Alternatively, they can also reach out to the company by emailing

(Source: Acer Malaysia / Facebook.)

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