Alienware Gaming Monitor With 500Hz Display Appears

An image render and specifications belonging to what appears to be an Alienware gaming monitor recently made its way online. The image was posted by the prominent hardware leakster, chi11eddog (@g0ld3nm4ng0), who also says that the alleged monitor will be making its debut at CES 2023.

The Alienware monitor, also known by its model name AW2524H, is supposedly a 25-inch gaming monitor that will have a “fast IPS” panel with a refresh rate of 500Hz. Other specifications of the monitor denote that it will have a maximum resolution of Full HD, that the 500Hz is unlocked via the monitor’s onboard OC setting, and will only be achievable via a DisplayPort connection. With the OC turned off, its maximum refresh rate will be capped at 480Hz.

Unsurprisingly, the alleged specifications of the Alienware AW2524H has raised questions among chi11eddog’s followers on Twitter, the most prominent issue of them being the monitor’s alleged maximum resolution of 1920×1080, which in this day and age seems a bit outdated, especially with the QHD (2560×1440) very quickly becoming the new defacto resolution for modern gaming monitors.

Another question being raised about the Alienware AW2524H revolves around its size. At 25-inches, it is considered small, even by today’s gaming monitor standards. Having said that, the brand did release the AW2523HF earlier in the year. That monitor was also a 25-inch display, has a maximum resolution of Full HD, but its maximum refresh rate peaked at 360Hz.

Alienware 25 27 inch gaming monitors Malaysia
Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor, launched back in August 2022 (Image: Alienware.)

It is also unclear which group of gamers Alienware is positioning the AW2524H towards, although given its specifications, it could be deduced that the Dell sub-brand plans on targetting Esport gamers and players, given that the majority of games that these individuals play tend to favour higher framerates and smaller display sizes.

As always, this is still just a rumour and as such, our general warning of sodium consumption applies. To that end, we’ll just have to wait until CES 2023 to see if Alienware really will launch the monitor.

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