Allegedly Upcoming Nothing ear (1) STICK Appears In New Leak

Nothing ear 1 STICK leak

It is possible the phone (1) isn’t going to be the only new Nothing product that’ll be launching on 12 July. According to a new leak by Mukul Sharma, it appears that the company might unveil a new pair of TWS earbuds known as the Nothing ear (1) STICK, which is presumably a refresh of the original ear (1) released last year.

Aside from a single photo showcasing the alleged device, the leakster did not reveal any details such as its specifications or expected pricing. At a glance, you’ll notice that the most obvious aspect that sets the Nothing ear (1) STICK  apart from the original is its accompanying charging case. Rather than a square form factor, it sports an elongated rectangular shape that is reminiscent of a USB data stick (aka thumb drives), hence – as what most of us would assume – inspired the product’s name. And like the original, the case also features the brand’s signature transparent design.

Interestingly, seen on its right-hand side looks to be a removable cap that may free up either a USB-C connector or port when removed. If it turns out to be the former, this suggests that the Nothing ear (1) STICK case can be plugged directly into a power source for charging which, again, is something that is inspired by traditional USB data sticks. It’s still unclear on how the earbuds are stored or removed, however. 

As for the audio devices themselves, it’s possible that the new ear (1) STICK may not be a simple reissue of the original. Based on what can be seen from Sharma’s leak, each earbud stem now sports the product’s name, along with two vertical dots below that. Besides that, the rest of the device appears no different from the initial release – save for the lack of visible eartips, which could be a render error or a new design altogether.

Nothing ear 1 STICK leak
The ear (1) STICK vs the original ear (1)

It’s still not known whether the allegedly newer ear (1) STICK would feature improved audio capabilities. As we’ve pointed out in our review, the original has been a pleasant surprise in terms of sound delivery and we hope that this variant would also follow suit, or at least inherit this.

Needless to say, we’ll only find out whether this leak is accurate or not once the upcoming Nothing launch event takes place in a couple of weeks time.

(Source: Mukul Sharma [Twitter])

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