Apple MR Headset Could Feature Iris Scanning Biometrics

Apple mixed-reality headset

Much has been said about the rumoured upcoming MR headset by iPhone maker Apple. The last time we heard of it was back in August, when the company filed trademarks for a number of potential names. A new report now notes that the headset may also come with biometric scanners, specifically of the iris scanning variety.

According to The Information, the MR headset’s iris scanners will serve the same purposes as Face ID on other Apple products. This Iris ID, as the report calls it, will allow for seamless user account switching. By using the iris scanner, the headset will determine who the current wearer is, and log into the correct account automatically. It will also be used to authenticate payments in lieu of entering passwords.

Apple headset render
Source: 9to5Mac.

The report goes on to say that the camera behind the iris scanner tech for the MR headset will be the same ones that enable foveated rendering. Which is a rendering method that prioritises parts of the screen within the headset that the eyes are looking at, determined via eye-tracking cameras. Parts that the user is looking at is rendered fully, while the peripheral areas are dynamically rendered in lower resolution to optimise performance.

Beyond the iris scanner, the report also notes that the Apple MR headset will use materials like mesh fabric, aluminium and glass for a more premium experience. It will also reportedly allow for prescription glasses to be magnetically attached to the inside of the headset. And the powerhouse under all the hardware is claimed to be a chip that’s similar to the M2.

Apple Silicon M1 AR headset Mac Macbook VR
Photo: Apple

All this paints a pretty picture about the Apple MR headset, with a high price tag to match the premium features. Previous reports pegged the headset going for as high as US$3000.

(Source: The Information via 9to5Mac)

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