Apple Pay Appears In Shopee: Yet Another Hint Of Possible Launch In Malaysia

apple pay shopee

Apple Pay has been long sought after by Malaysian users and the time for the feature to appear locally may be coming sooner than you would expect. As pointed out by several Lowyat.NET Forumers, Apple Pay has now appeared as one of the payment options on the popular e-commerce site Shopee.

When you place an order on Shopee, whether through the desktop site on the Safari browser or the platform’s iOS app, you will now see a greyed-out option to pay for your purchase using Apple Pay. However, a pop-up appears once you tap on the option which tells you to make sure that there is an active card in your Wallet app before choosing that method.

apple pay shopee

It is something that is impossible to rectify at the moment anyway as Malaysian users are still unable to add any card to the Wallet app for the time being. Furthermore, Apple Pay has not yet been listed as one of the payment methods on Shopee Malaysia’s help page. Hence, it is unclear whether or not its appearance on the e-commerce site was accidental.

apple pay shopee safari

Meanwhile, Apple has not made any official announcement regarding the launch of Apple Pay support in Malaysia, but a couple of weeks ago, a Lowyat.NET Forumer has shared a rather intriguing SMS that they had received. The message which came from AmBank said that the forumer’s card is able to support Apple Pay.

apple pay wallet
This pop-up will appear if you try to add a card to the Wallet app at the moment.

We tried to obtain clarifications from Apple and AmBank but neither outfit has responded to our queries. Be that as it may, we reckoned that the AmBank SMS and the appearance on Shopee are strong hints of what is to come.

As the saying goes, once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is a pattern. Nevertheless, you may want to continue taking these appearances with a grain of salt for the time being.

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