Apple Rumoured To Be Releasing 15-inch MacBook Air In 2023

Apple MacBook Air M2

Earlier during Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) this week, the company from Cupertino unveiled the new M2 processor and, as previously written on our site, the starting price of the MacBook Air M2 in Malaysia. Now, though, a report says that Apple could potentially unveil a 15-inch MacBook Air as early as 2023.

The Bloomberg report says that Apple had initially thought of releasing the 15-inch MacBook Air device together with the 13-inch model, but decided to lay it aside in order to focus on the 13.6-inch model. The report had also stated that the updated MacBook 14, as well as 16-inch M2-based MacBook Pros, may start to ship by the end of this year, if not in early 2023. These devices, by the way, are expected to be equipped with M2 Max processors that feature 12 CPU cores and up to 38 GPU cores more, than its direct predecessor’s 10 CPU cores and 32 GPU cores.

Considering the tech firm had confirmed at the WWDC that the MacBook Air was its best-selling laptop, it would make sense for the company to produce a 15-inch version as it can cater to users who may want a larger screen but don’t require the features of a much more expensive product like those in the MacBook Pro series.

Apple MacBook Air M2
[Image: Apple.]

As it stands, this rumour about a 15-inch MacBook Air is still in its early stages and as such, we don’t recommend reading too much into it at this point. That being said, it would be the first Apple releases a MacBook of that size, given that it has traditionally kept its breadth of it between the 11-inch and, at current, 13.6-inch boundaries. There was even the oddball 12-inch MacBook, but even that was discontinued back in 2019.

On that note, rumours about the revival of the 12-inch form factor MacBook Air have also been sighted online, but that’s a story for another day.

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Irfan Iskandar contributed to this article.

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