Blizzard Is Hiring People To Make An “All-New Universe”

Blizzard new game

Blizzard is naturally going through quite the transition, with Activision Blizzard getting acquired by Microsoft. But that’s not stopping the company from working on new projects. The company is also hiring staff to help make an “all-new universe”.

The company announced that this “brand-new survival game for PC and console” will be one that’s “full of heroes” with “stories yet to be told, and adventures yet to be lived”. Which is about all the details that Blizzard is sharing about the project.

Blizzard new game 2
Source: Blizzard / Twitter.

As for the jobs on offer, you get a list for various levels of artists, level designers and engineers. Though one of the listing is for a senior server software engineer, suggesting an online component of some sort at the very least.

The post comes with two images that can probably be taken as concept art for the project in question. Though both paint quite different pictures. One is very tribal, almost high fantasy like the Warcraft series, while the other looks to be modern and reminiscent of the real world.

Considering that Blizzard is still hiring for this new project, it will be awhile before any announcement comes out of this. Plus, there’s the fact that there will likely be a change in management by the time June 2023 rolls around.

(Source: Blizzard)

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