BMW’s Colour Changing Technology Looks Wild

BMW will be hosting a virtual press conference for CES 2022 tomorrow morning which will include several interesting demonstrations including a tech that allows users to change the exterior colour of their vehicles with just the touch of a button.

The tech will be presented alongside the world premiere of the newly announced iX M60 electric sports crossover but since the press conference will only take place at 3:00 AM Malaysian time tomorrow, nothing is known about it at the moment. That being said, several videos that depict that tech in action have since appeared online.

For example, the video above came from an EV-centric motoring outfit, Out of Spec Studio. It is quite clear that the vehicle shown in the video is an iX and based on the blue-coloured brake calliper on its front wheel, it is most probably the iX M60.

Nevertheless, we believe this video was taken on-ground at CES 2022 as we noticed the event’s logo on the building that is located across the road from where this vehicle is located. See if you can spot the CES logo on the mid-left side of the video.



♬ original sound – The Kilowatts

In addition to that, another EV-focused motoring media, The Kilowatts posted this video on its TikTok. Given the sceneries and the monorail station in the background of this video, it seems that this video was captured at the Las Vegas Convention Centre (one of the main venues for CES 2022) grounds.

We are really curious about what made this colour-shifting capability possible but at the same time, we also think this tech might not be road legal, at least here in Malaysia. In case you are not aware of this, you have to inform the Road Transport Department (JPJ) when you change the colour of your vehicle as it can be used as a reference in certain cases such as accidents.

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