ChatGPT Can Spoof Windows 95 Keys, YouTube Video Shows

Windows 95

Large Language Model (LLM) AIs can do many things. Some of them not very well, but on the flip side, they can be surprisingly good at other things, and not necessarily legal ones. As one YouTuber demonstrates, the OpenAI ChatGPT can be used to generate keys for Windows 95.

The YouTuber in question runs the channel called Enderman, with the video showing the process, as well as some explanation as to why they Windows 95 key specifically was chosen. As the video states, the formula to a Windows 95 key has already been cracked, and it’s no longer much of a mystery as to what a valid code should look like.

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Of course, you also can’t straight up ask ChatGPT to generate the code, as the chatbot will tell you just some of the reasons why doing so is wrong. Instead, the video demonstrates that while you can’t get the chatbot to tell you certain things, you can circumvent the built in rules by wording your question differently. You can see that the prompt made to generate the codes are reworded a few times as the process goes along as the AI misunderstands some of the prompts. It is also apparently not good at maths either.

As a result of the misunderstanding of the prompts, or simply inability to process them properly, the success rate isn’t exactly high either. The video notes that ChatGPT is likely to generate one correct key out of 30 attempts. It’s not a high success rate, but all you really need is that one time when it gets it right.

But what about more modern version of Windows? The short answer from the video is that while it is possible to do the same if you know what you’re looking for, it’s “too much to process for AI and even for our minds”. And considering ChatGPT can only generate one key in 30 attempts with what is supposed to be within its grasp, there’s really not much to worry on that front. Besides, why would you want to use Windows 95 in the year 2023?

(Source: Enderman / YouTube)

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