CIMB Cardholders Can Purchase Tickets To Coldplay KL Concert A Day Early

CIMB Coldplay pre-sale announcement.

The majority of you are probably aware that CIMB is the official sponsor for Coldplay’s KL concert that is set to kick off in November this year. Well, in conjunction with the event, the bank sweetened the pot by announcing that CIMB cardholders will be able to purchase tickets to the concert early on 16 May, a full day ahead of the official purchase date.

As you can imagine, the announcement that CIMB cardholders are being given the chance to buy tickets to the concert a day early has whipped up a frenzy amongst Malaysian fans, who have begun seeking out friends and family members that happen to be said cardholders, hoping to take advantage of the pre-sale opportunity and score some Coldplay tickets early.

It wasn’t long before Twitter was awash with stories from individuals, posting and sharing their stories of people asking them if they were CIMB cardholders. On Twitter, some of the tweets are hilarious; our former editor’s tweet, which you can see below, garnered several responses to the scenario.

One response from Scarlet Armstrong read “I’m that friend. Gotta be shameless to get nice things”, which does indicate the lengths that some fans – be it of Coldplay or other bands – would go to see their favourite band live. Another Twitter user posted a screenshot of their WhatsApp group chat as the announcement went live, showing their desperation to purchase the Coldplay ticket, to the extent that they get called on by the one friend that happens to be a CIMB cardholder.

But the absolute gold-star response to the Coldplay pre-ticket sale announcement, at least in our opinion, would have to be the Twitter user and CIMB cardholder who said they were a CIMB cardholder and that if anyone wants to buy tickets to the Coldplay concerts through their cards, they would start charging folks an additional service fee of RM50. It’s probably a joke but honestly, you can’t really blame her for wanting to make a little something on the side, especially if you’re going to be buying something through proxy.

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