Coca-Cola May Be Taking A Stab At Releasing A Phone

Coca-Cola Phone

Back in 2015, we’ve seen soft drink brand Pepsi release its own smartphone in the form of the Pepsi Phone P1 and P1s. Then two years later, KFC would throw itself into the gauntlet with the help of Huawei. These were confusing items that could fall basically anywhere on the scale between gag item and elaborate marketing campaign. Now, it looks like there’s a chance that Coca-Cola wants in on it too.

Frequent leakster Mukul Sharma has shared image of what he calls a Cola Phone, with the soft drink branding taking over half of the device’s back. He also claims on Twitter that the soft drink brand is “collaborating with a smartphone brand” for this project, but stops short of identifying the phone maker in question. But he does say that it will be launching in this quarter in India. Which would be quite the departure from the KFC and Pepsi phones, as they were exclusive to China.

For what it’s worth, for fans of the colour red, this Coca-Cola phone is quite the looker. It also helps that the brand itself is not in white like you’d usually find on cans or bottles of the drink. That being said, it’s probably easier, and likely cheaper too, to get a custom case with a similar look and plop it onto your existing phone.

As for what phone this actually is, or which phone maker Coca-Cola is partnering up for this stunt, it’s anyone’s guess, really. Phones have been looking so ubiquitous now that it any device with two cameras at the back could pass for it. But if this device is really getting announced within this quarter as Mukul Sharma claims, then it probably won’t be too long before we find out for sure. Can’t really have the same optimism for availability though.

(Source: Mukul Sharma / Twitter)

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