Early Footage Of Horizon Multiplayer Game Leaks Online

If you’ve ever wondered if the Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West formula would ever get a multiplayer component, well wonder no more. About 10 minutes’ worth of very early footage of such a game has made its way to the internet.

A Reddit user going by u/BirdonWheels uploaded the footage, which shows a game that is very much a Horizon title, but with a very different art style. UI elements on screen look very rough, and bits and pieces of the game world have no texture to them. And despite there being depictions of both male and female playable characters, they all use Aloy’s voice. And on that note, the pause menu and photo mode also look exactly from the two singleplayer games that came before.


While the post has since been removed, the poster did say that this is from a very old alpha build of the supposed multiplayer Horizon game, circa summer 2020. VGC has claimed to have sources who can vouch for the leaked footage, saying that it, and the art, were authentic.

Horizon Forbidden West Far Zenith

Which all sounds pretty exciting, especially considering that there was a previous report of a Horizon MMO that was being worked on by NCsoft. That being said though, it is unclear if this is footage from that project, or an entirely different one. There’s not much to go on, really, as the art in this early alpha footage does not match either the usual Horizon style nor the works of other NCsoft games like Guild Wars.

[Very Early in-dev] Horizon Forbidden West Leaked Alpha’s Multiplayer from horizon

On one hand, it may be exciting for fans of the series to know that SIE is working on another entry to the Horizon series. But on the other, this being very early alpha footage is probably not very representative of what the final product will be like.

(Source: Reddit, VGC)

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