Fortnite Returns To Apple Devices Via Nvidia GeForce Now

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It was back in August 2020 that Fortnite was kicked out of the Apple App Store. The game has been absent from the iPhone maker’s walled garden ever since, but it looks like it may be sneaking its way back in via a backdoor of sorts. And oddly enough, that backdoor would be opened by Nvidia via its GeForce Now game streaming service.

The announcement blog post by Nvidia indicates that this is not made specifically to help Epic Games and Fortnite circumvent the Apple ban. Instead, it’s a general push for a “touch-friendly” cloud version of the game for both Android and iOS. Naturally, for Android, this is accessed via the dedicated GeForce Now app while iOS users will have to go through the Safari browser.

Fortnite Nvidia GeForce Now
Source: Nvidia.

All that being said, the post doesn’t go into detail in regards to the difference between this touch-friendly version and the actual mobile version of Fortnite. But in a way, this is also a convenient bonus for Fortnite even on Android. After all, it’s not officially available on the Google Play Store, even if there are plenty of other ways to install the game on Android.

Nvidia even has a beta scheduled for this touch-friendly version of Fortnite. It’s coming up next week, though no date as to when exactly. There’s a sign up page for it, but it’s worth noting at this point that GeForce Now is not a service that’s officially available here.

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