GeForce Now Malaysia Subscription Fee Starts From RM30 Per Month

NVIDIA GeForce Now Malaysia - Yes 5G Gaming

The NVIDIA GeForce Now service essentially allows you to play even graphic-intensive games without the need to own a high-performance gaming PC, thanks to the power of the cloud. The service has since made its way to Malaysia, made possible through a partnership between NVIDIA and YTL Communications via the latter’s Yes 5G offering.

After a brief beta period, GeForce Now (GFN) is now available to everyone including non-Yes customers. One can choose to sign up for the service through either monthly or annual plans although the actual amount that you have to pay depends on whether you are a Yes customer or otherwise.

GeForce Now Malaysia - Yes 5G Gaming
[Image: Yes 5G Gaming.]

Given the people behind the service in Malaysia, it is not surprising that Yes customers are able to sign up for GFN at a slightly lower price of RM30 per month. On the other hand, the annual plan costs RM300 which is RM60 cheaper than paying the individual monthly fee for 12 months.

For non-Yes customers, they can choose to go for the RM50 monthly route or pay the lump sum annual fee of RM500. Regardless of the type of customer that you are, all GFN Malaysia subscribers receive six hours of gaming time per session.

That being said, the pricing for the monthly and annual that we mentioned above is applicable only for a limited time. According to Yes 5G Gaming’s Facebook page, the actual price tag is much higher though:

[Image: Yes 5G Gaming / Facebook.]

Prior to the rollout of GFN in Malaysia, gamers who are interested to utilize the cloud gaming service have to sign up with Singapore’s StarHub which was the only GFN operator in Southeast Asia at that time. As a comparison, the monthly subscription through StarHub currently costs SGD9.99 (~RM33.20) for the Premium plan while the Premium Pro option goes for SGD14.90 (~RM49.20).

StarHub’s GFN Premium plan customers are considered Medium Queue Priority users, who may experience queue time during peak hours and they have also been provided with a Priority Queue quota that lasts for 40 hours per month. Meanwhile, Premium Pro customers have been designated as High Queue Priority users and they have also been allocated a much higher Priority Queue monthly quota of 80 hours.

GeForce Now Malaysia - iPhone 14 Pro Max
Shadow of the Tomb Raider on iPhone 14 Pro Max via GeForce Now Malaysia.

GeForce Now Malaysia - iPhone 14 Pro Max
GeForce Now Malaysia - iPhone 14 Pro Max
GeForce Now Malaysia / Yes 5G Gaming

As for the annual plan, StarHub currently offers it only in the form of a Premium Plan at SGD149.90 (~RM494.00). In a nutshell, even though GFN Malaysia subscribers may not have to worry about complex queuing implementation for the time being but they do have to pay slightly higher for the service than their Southern counterparts.

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