Gelak Nation

If you want to find my house, look for any food delivery rider on the road and mention Ham.

I know what day it is by looking at my medicine box every morning. 

There are only four people living in my house and yet I feel I need to get another TV

People say pet owners look like their pets.

Well, my dog sleeps all the time and she is overweight.

With the government changing CMCO rules by the hour, my headache is having a headache.

Before I run out of pandemic jokes and start making fun of Martin Sorrell’s height, I want to say that this issue of WEEKENDER is mostly dedicated to make you laugh and stay happy.

To do that we have compiled a selected variety of stuff from everywhere, including some funny TVCs.

We are not a comical magazine, but we do hope to make your weekend a little more bearable, and tickle your funny bone.

I’m sure you agree we could do with some light-hearted banter.

And brands should also do the same.

For maximum enjoyment, we have included hyperlinks wherever you see red text which you should click on to get the desired effect.

No, we are not the world’s first magazine you can also watch and listen to, but I am sure there’s a term for it somewhere in the media planner’s playbook.

According to the World Happiness Report 2017-19 we are ranked 82 out of 153 countries. 

The Philippines is 20 rungs above us, which is not surprising because when I worked there for a year in the late-80s I couldn’t stop smiling for almost 2 months after I returned to Malaysia.

My friends actually got irritated with me then, because they wanted to know why I was always looked happy. The feeling faded after a while.

And for laughter purists, you can always check in daily on my friend Dr Madan Kataria.