Genting SkyWorlds Uses Alibaba Cloud So Guests Can Avoid Queuing For Rides

Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park is deploying the region’s first AI-powered Virtual Queue (VQ) system using Alibaba Cloud. The system aims to make guests’ experience more seamless and efficient, letting you explore the theme park and go about your day while you wait for your turn for rides instead of waiting in line all day.

VQ reservations work by letting guests book a time slot for rides they are interested in through the Genting SkyWorlds app. You can either book individual rides or you can tell the app which rides are your main priority and it will generate a personal itinerary for you based on real-time waiting times for each ride so that you can be efficient with your day and enjoy the most amount of attractions.

genting skyworlds alibaba cloud virtual queue vq

That being said, each attraction has a limited daily capacity for VQ reservations, and with some attractions still not open yet, popular rides can run out of slots pretty early in the day, just as we had experienced. Luckily, you can still queue up normally for most of the rides if you didn’t manage to make a reservation, although three of the attractions in the theme park exclusively use the virtual queue.

genting skyworlds alibaba cloud virtual queue vq

If you’re visiting Genting SkyWorlds with your friends or family, the app will let you scan the tickets of others to form a group on the app, letting one person make or amend VQ reservations for everyone in one go. The app allows you to push back your time slot in case you won’t be able to make your reservation. Guests can only make a limited number of reservations at a time but will earn more slots as they go through the rides on their itinerary.

genting skyworlds alibaba cloud vq kiosk
genting skyworlds alibaba cloud vq ticket

As for those who don’t have smartphones as well as those with Huawei devices that do not have support for the app, they can also make reservations by going to the VQ kiosks found in the annex next to the Night at the Museum attraction. After scanning their tickets, they can book slots and receive printed VQ reservations.

genting skyworlds entry ticket fingerprint

Speaking of tickets, Genting SkyWorlds requires guests to scan their fingerprint along with the entry QR code every time they enter the theme park. This is so that you can’t share your ticket with others as it allows you to go in and out of the park as much as you want, but Genting has assured that the fingerprint data is deleted as soon as the ticket expires.

genting skyworlds cloud photos

The theme park also takes advantage of Alibaba Cloud by giving guests immediate access to photos taken at the park by its photographers. Guests only need to upload their own pictures as well as the faces of their group members on the app, which will then enable the AI-powered system to recognise their photos when the photographers upload them to the cloud.

When it is uploaded, guests can choose which photos to download to their phones. The app also enables you to purchase printed copies that can be picked up in about an hour.

genting skyworlds

Greg Pearn, Resorts World Genting’s Vice President of Theme Park Operations, said that the company also plans on implementing the cloud-based solution in its other premises in the future. This would allow guests to make reservations for its indoor theme park rides, restaurants, and much more.

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