Gigabyte EEC Filing Confirms Existence Of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 12GB, RTX 3070 Ti 16GB

A product filing to the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) by Gigabyte seems to have confirmed the existence of NVIDIA’s long-rumoured GeForce RTX 3080 12GB and RTX 3070 Ti 16GB graphics card. The listing includes more than 10 cards, combining models from both GPU variants.

As per the listing, gamers can expect at least 10 SKUs of the RTX 3080 12GB, including models under Gigabyte’s AORUS Xtreme, Gaming, Vision, and Eagle lineup. As previously reported, the graphics card will have a higher frame buffer than the original RTX 3080, as well as a slightly larger 384-bit memory bus.

As for the RTX 3070 Ti 16GB, the EEC filing shows that Gigabyte will have at least six models at launch, although there will not be any AORUS Xtreme models as top-tier offerings. Instead, the listing shows an AORUS Master series as the top-tier instead, followed by the usual Gaming, Vision, and Eagle series that are under the brand. Specs-wise, the card is expected to launch with double the amount of the graphics memory of the RTX 3070 Ti, but will still retain the same number of CUDA cores and 256-bit memory bus.

(Image source: EEC.)

Interestingly enough, the EEC listing also contains a few SKUs for AMD’s Radeon RX 6500 XT, a card that has been rumoured for a mid-January launch, but whose details have been relatively scarce. What is known is that the GPU will be based on AMD’s Navi 24 GPU, have 1024 Stream Processors and from this EEC filing, at least 4GB of GDDR6 graphics memory.

As for when we can expect the RTX 3080 12GB and RTX 3070 Ti 16GB, rumours have suggested that NVIDIA will be launching the two cards sometime this month and more specifically, 17 December. Having said that, the date is still unconfirmed as of yet, so take it with a large grain of salt.

(Source: EEC via Videocardz)

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