Google Assistant Can Now Change Your Password For You

google chrome password

Google is reportedly rolling out the password changer feature for Google Assistant. First announced at Google I/O last year, it lets Assistant automatically set a new password for your accounts on certain sites in case of a breach.

As noted by Max Weinbach of Android Police, the virtual assistant will pop up a dialogue box telling you that your password was found in a data breach and offers to change it automatically. Once activated, there’s a confirmation page which will take you to the affected website and you’ll then have the option of keying in a new password manually or using a generated one by Chrome’s built-in password manager.

Built on Google’s Duplex for the Web, the Chrome-exclusive feature was previously used to automate flight and theatre ticket purchases, retail site checkouts, and food ordering. However, the new password changer feature won’t work on all sites though and the company has yet to publish the requirements for websites to add the support for it.

The tech giant hasn’t made any announcements as to the scope of this rollout, but we know it won’t be coming to Malaysia anytime soon as Duplex for the Web is currently only available in the US and UK. Similarly, even though the original Duplex AI system has rolled out to more countries in recent years, it still lacks support for Malaysia.

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