Google Pixel Tablet May Have A Pro Variant

Google Pixel Tablet sneak peek 2

Google revealed that it has a Pixel Tablet in the works during its I/O 2022 event back in May. The company also said that it will only be coming in 2023, and so kept details very light on the subject. Now though, it looks like the internet search giant may have a Pro variant of its upcoming tablet in the works, at least according to those who delve into the code of the latest Android 13 beta.

According to 9to5Google, code delvers found a couple of codenames that could be a reference to said Pro variant of the Google Pixel Tablet. These codenames are “tangorpro” and “t6pro”. On their own, these code names may not mean much, but the report also notes that the base model Pixel Tablet has been referred to with similar codenames, namely “tangor” and “t6”.

Google Pixel Tablet sneak peek
Source: Google / Youtube.

The report does go a little into speculation territory, claiming that the Pro variant will not have the same rear camera sensor as the base model. A previous report noted that the Google Pixel Tablet will be using the Sony IMX355, an 8MP sensor. Then there’s the usual assumptions that a Pro model would come with things like an improved display of some sort, and that it will also have more RAM. Another assumption of that nature is that the Pro model will use the upcoming Tensor G2 chipset, while the base model will use the baseline Tensor.

But beyond that, there’s nothing much else in terms of information regarding this alleged Pro model of the Google Pixel Tablet. This may change in a month or so, as the company has a reveal event scheduled for 6 October. This event will likely see the upcoming Pixel 7 take the spotlight, but the supposed Pro version of the Pixel Tablet may make a brief experience, just like the way the base model got a brief mention during I/O.

(Source: 9to5Google)

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