Here’s A First Look At The PlayStation VR2

PS VR2 box

The PlayStation VR2 is currently scheduled to be made available come 22 February 2023, which is just under two weeks from now. With that in mind, Sony Interactive Entertainment has provided us with a set of the new-generation VR headset. For now, we’re not allowed to talk too much about it. But what we can do is share a quick look at what the PS VR2 looks like.

To start, you’ll be unsurprised to know that the headset of the PS VR2 itself looks pretty much like what the many promotional materials have shown. Though not seen in those are a very nifty feature, in the form of two points of adjustments. One is the band itself, which is something you’d have seen on most other VR headsets.

PS VR2 top

But one extra that isn’t exactly standard is the fact that you can push the visor away from the headband during fitting. The most obvious advantage here is that there’s something else to adjust to help you get the perfect fit. It’s also very glasses-friendly as a result. It’s also noticeably lighter than the first generation, which makes it more comfortable.

PS VR2 Sense controller

The Sense controllers of the PS VR2 can go both ways. If your last experience was just the Move motion controllers of the first PSVR, then this is leaps and bounds ahead. But if you’ve tried out other VR headsets before trying out the PS VR2 then the Sense controllers are pretty standard, but with the PlayStation-specific flavours.

For both the PS VR2 headset and the Sense controllers, lighting is leaning towards the conservative side of things. Each only has a single LED, which basically serves only as a power and battery indicator. Which is good enough, since you won’t be looking at them much anyway as compared to through them.


And that’s about as much as SIE is letting us talk about the PS VR2 for now. We’ll be conducting a full review of the set once we get access to a game or two in the coming days.

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