Here’s How Easy It Is To Activate Netflix On Astro

Astro and Netflix have partnered together to allow Malaysians seamlessly enjoy the best of both worlds without much hassle. Since late last year, users no longer need to move from one remote control to another in order to switch between Astro and the Netflix app on their TV as both platforms can now be accessed through Astro Ultra Box.

If you wondering if the process to activate Netflix on Astro Ultra Box is complicated, then the answer is absolutely not. In fact, the activation process is so easy and simple to the extent that it only takes you just minutes to begin enjoying Netflix through Astro Ultra Box.


Of course, you may want to make sure that Netflix access is part of your Astro subscription. Among Astro packages that feature Netflix as standard includes the Entertainment Plus Pack, Premium Pack 2, Premium Pack 3, and Platinum Pack.

Meanwhile, do check out our new Lowyat TV episode above to see how fast and simple the Netflix activation process really is. Shall you require further information, just visit Astro’s official website over at

This video is brought to you by Astro.

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