Here’s Why The Samsung’s One UI 5.1 Is The Most Versatile & Flexible OS To Date

The latest One UI 5.1 update, which launched with the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, is now available on many modern Galaxy phones and tablets. However, what does this new OS do for you and your device, and how does it improve your experience?

For starters, the new system boasts a few new tricks such as more customisation, multi-screen windows, and even improved privacy features. The long and short of it: Samsung’s One UI 5.1 is designed to blow your mind with what it has to offer. Without further ado, here’s what you need to know.


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The One UI 5.1 is the latest version of Samsung’s mobile operating system for 2023, and with it come some incredible features that you’d want to use in order to enjoy and maximise your experience. To help you with that, there is Good Lock, a robust software suite that lets you unlock the full customisation potential of your Galaxy phone.

With this app, the phone will adjust to your needs and wants, not the other way around. Finding it difficult to use your new phone with its large screen? Install the One Hand Operation plug-in, and with it, you can easily browse previously opened apps and even have a digital mouse pad without adjusting your grip. Or, for better functionality, you can download the RegiStar module that, among other things, allows you to open your favourite app by simply tapping on the back of the phone twice.

From adding more flare to your S Pen by turning it into an assistant for your camera, to customising your phone’s theme for better personalisation, all of these can be done through Good Lock.


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Working on the go or juggling multiple tasks has become the norm recently, and keeping up with it has proven to be a bit difficult. However, thanks to One UI 5.1’s new features and flexibility, you can finish your task anytime, anywhere as the new OS allows you to comfortably view and work on multiple applications side by side for a seamless workflow. These include writing down notes without breaking away from a presentation, and such.

Speaking of notes, the One UI 5.1 now has a special function with Google Meets. Though exclusive only to the S23 Ultra and its S pen compatibility, you can now write or draw on your phone, and you can give comments and collaborate with your colleagues in real-time.

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Last, but certainly not least, is Samsung’s Multi-Control. With this function, you can work on two separate devices simultaneously! By linking your device to a laptop, you can use the same mouse and keyboard to control your Galaxy smartphone and easily drag and drop files between them. All you have to do is have them use the same Wi-Fi network, have Bluetooth and multi-control enabled, and be logged in to the same Samsung account.



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As you invest more time in your device, more information is revealed about you, from where you are to what you are interested in; even simply browsing online can store sensitive information and leak it across the globe. That is where Samsung’s Knox Vault comes in: a security system that works down all the way to the chip level, preventing software modifications as well, ensuring that whatever is in your phone stays in your phone.

However, the apps you install can also collect incredible amounts of data, oftentimes without your knowledge. Fortunately, you can stop these instances dead in their tracks with the Privacy Dashboard.

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With this function, you can get an at-a-glance view of the apps trying to access your information and then personalise your settings. Additionally, you can easily control which apps know your location and when, choose which apps are allowed to serve you ads, and instantly know if an app is trying to access your microphone or camera.

Experience incredible flexibility and customisation options like never before with the new One UI 5.1. For more information, kindly visit Samsung’s official page. If you want to take it for a spin yourself, why not try it with the latest Samsung Galaxy S23 Series, or their Galaxy A Series and start enjoying the next generation today.

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