Hey DBKL, what about the illegal sites?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of outdoor structures that are blatantly illegal; some of the facings along the major highways are so clumsy they could take off with strong winds and wreak fatal consequences on oncoming traffic in seconds.

The worst part is these rampant billboards are not insured and squat on anybody’s land, and as  long as they are in the line of sight of drivers there’s money to be made.

One just has to take a drive along our highways and see how these daredevil facings have not only ravaged any aesthetic appeal in the joy of driving, but their gangsta encroachments seem to run riot right under the noses of DBKL.

While many responsible advertisers try to avoid these basement-price sites, the dangers of having one’s brand advertising illegally and being hurled onto the highways in case of a major storm can kill a brand permanently. Not to mention lives.

This is something those in power can instantly eradicate by passing a law. In fact, we have ample laws for the authorities to act immediately. The Malaysian Highway Authority is the governing body for all private highways.

Big Tree in minus mode on PLUS Expressways?

I wonder how OOH media player Big Tree makes a decent income when their billboards along the highways are clearly sabotaged by illegal sites.

The real agents of intrusion are those who work closely with private land owners to erect huge signs flanking the highway, across the border fencing.

While they are legal, in a guerrilla way, some of their sites technically overhang into highway airspace.

Big Tree faithfully adheres to all sorts of “integrity criteria” and invests a lot of money to get their sites up, they have an exclusive agreement with PLUS, but the ones “outside the fence” obviously have less constraints.

I wonder who makes more income. And if there’s a plus point for being on the right side of the law.

A case of right of way, over line of sight?


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