Infinix Claims All-Round FastCharge Tech Can Fully Charge A Device In Under 8 Minutes

260W Infinix All-Round FastCharge

Earlier this month, we discussed Infinix All-Round FastCharge technology which the company said is able to deliver wired and wireless charging at a maximum power rating of 260W and 110W, respectively. However, the majority of the details behind the new fast charging tech were only revealed towards the end of last week though, including the charging time.

Infinix said that the new 260W fast charging tech is able to charge a phone from 0 to 25% in just one minute. To go to 100%, the tech only takes 7.5 minutes through wired charging or 16 minutes if done using the 110W wireless iteration.

260W / 110W Infinix All-Round FastCharge
[Image: Infinix.]

While the timing sounds impressive, do note that it takes quite a number of elements to be in their place in order to achieve a quick charging time. For example, Infinix has previously noted that the 260W charger features an Advanced High-Performance Bus (AHB) circuit design together with four charge pumps.

Through an implementation that the company called 4-Pump Intelligent Circuit Design, this made it possible for the charger to identify the power requirements and subsequently assign the appropriate amount of charge pumps needed by the device that is being charged by it. We have also since learned that the tech also features a gallium nitride (GaN) based charger.

Infinix 260W All-Round FastCharge
The prototype charger still carries the older Thunder Charge branding. [Image: Infinix.]

Not only that, the cable that Infinix has designed for its new All-Round FastCharge tech can support up to 13A of current and has an E-Marker chip. As for the wireless charger, it has a lower amount of coils as opposed to the standard implementation but they have been custom-made to be wider.

Infinix has also implemented a dual coil design on the wireless charger so that it can charge a phone regardless of whether it is in a vertical or horizontal position. The company has also equipped the charger with a fan on its base to keep things cool during a charging session.

Furthermore, the unnamed device that Infinix has used to develop the technology was equipped with what the company called the 12C High Rate 4400mAh battery which features a multi-electrode lug structure that allows it to deliver charging conversion efficiency of up to 98.5%. The company also claimed that the battery is able to retain more than 90% of its capacity even after 1,000 cycles.

The All-Round FastCharge logo. [Image: Infinix.]

Infinix also said that the new tech comes complete with 142 safety protection mechanisms which include 21 temperature sensors. In addition to being compatible with USB Power Delivery 3.0 standards, the company has also designed the tech to support several charging scenarios such as night charging, bypass charging and reverse charging.

While the claims looked pretty good, we definitely want to see Infinix put its new All-Round FastCharge tech into action in real life first before passing out any judgement on it. The wait is not going to be long though since the company has said before that the tech will be making its debut on an upcoming Note device.

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