Instagram Users Can Now Appoint Moderators To Oversee Their Live Streams

Instagram Appoint Moderators For Live Streams

Instagram content creators can now appoint moderators for their live streams, the Meta-owned media sharing platform announced on Twitter. This addition has been a long time coming, especially given the fact that rival platforms such as YouTube and Twitch have already introduced the feature to their own streamers for a while now.

Moderators are essential, as they can aid content creators to handle certain administrative tasks and also oversee chats or comments during a live stream. Importantly, having an active moderator during a session can help reduce unwanted or toxic behaviour from commenters, as well as prevent spam. According to Instagram, mods can report comments, disable comments from a particular user, and remove troublesome viewers from the stream.

To appoint a moderator, tap the menu icon on your live stream’s comment bar. From there, you can search for a specific user, or choose one from a list suggested by Instagram. For the sake of reliability, it is highly advisable that you pick a friend or a trusted user to moderate your stream.

The new moderation tool is available to all Instagram app users on Android and iOS devices starting today. As always, be sure to update the application to the latest version in order to enjoy any new features on the platform.

(Source: Instagram [Twitter])

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