Intel ARC A380 GPU Officially Launches In China

Intel officially launched its ARC A380 GPU a couple of days ago. The GPU, which is the first of the ARC3 desktop graphics lineup, is also part of the chipmaker’s entry-level GPU tier, and will first see release in China in the summer.

As a quick primer, Intel first announced the ARC Alchemist lineup back in March of this year, but started with the launch of its mobile graphics and gave no details about its desktop graphics lineup then, let alone the A380. The only hint that we were given about the lineup’s existence came in the form of a teaser of the ARC Limited Edition graphics card. A card that made an appearance months later during a gaming tournament sponsored by Intel, by the by.

Specs-wise, the A380 will be shipping out with 6GB GDDR6 graphics memory and per Intel’s earlier announcement for ARC and its Alchemist lineup, the card will support a slew of the latest graphical features and unique technologies. Based on the cards being released by its AIB partners, the GPU is an ACM-G11 that will have a 75W TDP, a 96-bit memory bus, along with a memory bandwidth of 192GB/s. In addition, the A380 will also ship out with a base clock of 2000MHz.

(Image source: Videocardz.)

As it is an ARC Alchemist card, the A380 is also fitted with support for several Intel-centric features, including the Xe Matrix Extensions (XMX) AI Acceleration enginers; XeSS, Intel’s answer to NVIDIA’s DLSS and AMD’s FSR; Deep Link integration that allows both Intel CPUs and GPUs to work in tandem; and of course, support for the PCIe 4.0 interface and DirectX 12 Ultimate for access to ray-tracing.

As far as performance goes, Intel claims the A380 is capable of delivering a “fluid” Full HD gaming experience at 60 fps across several titles. The list of games includes titles such as League of Legends, Moonlight Blade, Naraka: Bladepoint, and PUBG.

(Image source: Videocardz.)

Price-wise, Intel’s official press release says that the A380 will retail at a starting SRP of 1030 Yuan (~RM676). As far brand partners that are applying their custom cooling technology to the card, they include the usual heavyweights: ASUS, Gigabyte, Acer, MSI, and Gunnir, the latter likely being a China-only brand, because this is the first time we’re hearing about it.

(Source: Intel, Videocardz)

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