Intel ARC A750 Limited Edition Graphics Card Appears

Gamers Nexus recently posted a new video review of Intel’s ARC A380 graphics cards. Amidst Steve Burke’s monologue, however, one thing stood out more than the entry-level GPU: an official shot of an unreleased ARC A750 Limited Edition GPU.

As for why we believe this is groundbreaking, the answer is both simple and obvious: to date, and since the reveal of Intel’s ARC Limited Edition graphics card back in March, the chipmaker has never specifically mentioned the model of the card. Not even when it was being paraded around back in June. With this, we at least know that that GPU is the A750 or at least, it could be just one variation of the series.

Having said all that, there are some things to point out about the A750 Limited Edition. Firstly, Intel hasn’t officially confirmed the GPU model, besides its recently launched A380. But if and when it does, the card may in all likelihood cater for gamers looking for something in the upper mid-range market.

Second, Gamer Nexus’ brief glimpse of the A750 Limited Edition was simply just that: a teaser. At the time of this publication and since they uploaded their video, the tech channel simply said that testing of the card had already commenced, but no benchmark results have been posted.

Adding to that, no actual specifications for the A750 Limited Edition have been mentioned, but speculations have suggested that the Intel GPU could offer up to 24 Xe-Cores and be fitted with the ACM-G10 GPU. Again, and going back to the original point, this could simply be one of several Limited Edition ARC GPUs in the pipeline, although, at this point, we have no choice but to sit tight and wait about.

(Image source: Intel.)

Having said that, it is also looking more likely that the A750 Limited Edition GPU will see a launch in China first, before Intel even considers pushing it out to the rest of the world.

(Source: Gamers Nexus, Videocardz)

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