Intel Bares All For ARC Alchemist Desktop Graphics

Months after Intel launched its ARC Alchemist graphics for laptops, the chipmaker officially pulled back the hood from the desktop variants via a publication of their full specifications. Just as it did with the laptop GPUs, the desktop models comprise three lineups: ARC 3, 5, and 7.

As for what was revealed about the ARC desktop GPUs, the list includes detailed specifications for each of the four graphics cards. And in case you’re wondering why four, it’s because the ARC 7 lineup has two SKUs: the A750 and A770. This is different from what we are already privy to, for the simple fact that, prior to this, Intel merely gave us a glimpse of each card’s physical design and outlook.

The ARC A380 aside, the main focus here is the A580, A750, and A780. Specs-wise, the A580 officially has 24 Xe-Cores, 24 ray-tracing units, 384 XMX Engines, a graphics clock of 1700MHz, 8GB GDDR6 graphics memory, and a 512 Gbps memory bandwidth.

(Image source: Intel via Videocardz.)

For the A750, it is now confirmed that the desktop graphics card variant will ship out with 28 Xe-Cores and ray-tracing units, 448 XMX Engines, a graphics clock of 2050MHz, 8GB GDDR6 graphics memory, and a 512Gbps memory bandwidth. As for the A770, we’re looking at a card packed with 32 Xe-Cores, 32 ray-tracing units, 512 XMX Engines, a 2100MHz clock, between 8GB and 16GB GDDR6 graphics memory – technically expanding the ARC 7 options to three SKUs – and a slightly faster memory bandwidth of 560Gbps.

In addition to the specs, Intel also announced that its Limited Edition branded ARC A750 and A770 cards will be sold through its official webstore, as well as retailers and retail channels, which is just another way of saying that we should see it hitting retail shelves when they become available.

(Image source: Linus Tech Tips WAN Show.)

On the subject of availability, Intel still has not confirmed an official release date, nor has it told the world just how much each ARC desktop card will cost.

(Source: Intel via Videocardz, Tom’s Hardware)

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