Intel Wants To Supply PC Gamers With “Millions” Of ARC GPUs Every Year

Intel’s Raja Koduri recently went on Twitter to say that his company wants to put millions of its ARC Alchemist GPUs into the hands of PC gamers, and on a yearly basis. Koduri’s statement comes as a response to an open letter that was published earlier in the week.

For context, the open letter was penned by PC Gamer’s Dave James, whose description of the ongoing chip and GPU shortage situation clearly pointed out the desperation being faced by gamers that currently depend on just two major GPU brands, NVIDIA and AMD. And while the shortage issue is slowly but surely beginning to slack – one reason behind the slack can be contributed to the recent dip in the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum – prices for all graphics cards have remained absurdly high, even for the entry-level models.

Of course, Koduri heard James’ plea and proceeded to tweet his response, assuring him of Intel’s ambitious goal of a million ARC GPUs reaching the hands of gamers every year. That said, Intel has been extremely tight-lipped about its development and progress with the upcoming ARC Alchemist series, with only snippets and morsels of rumours and leaks being the only form of nourishment we’ve had on the subject for months.

Having said all that, Intel’s arrival into the GPU scene may just end the draught and, in turn, provide yet another option in an industry that has largely been dominated by Team Green and Team Red.

(Source: Videocardz, PC Gamer, Twitter)

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