iPhone 15 Series Glass Leak Corroborates Dynamic Island For All Models

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Last month, we saw leaked renders of the iPhone 15 series of devices, and those indicated that the whole line will be getting the Dynamic Island feature. A more recent leak looks to corroborate this, as this time the things getting leaked are the glass panels on the upcoming Apple smartphones.

Industry leakster ShrimpApplePro has posted on Twitter a short clip involving three glass panels for the upcoming phones. While only the one on the right was identified as the glass for the base model iPhone 15, it’s probably safe to say that the other two are for the Pro and Pro Max variants. And as previously shown by the aforementioned leaked renders, these glass panels indicate that at least three models of the iPhone 15 line will sport the Dynamic Island.

Less immediately obvious are the bezels on these screens. The one identified as the one for the iPhone 15 has a slightly thicker bezels, but you’ll really have to strain your vision to see it. Beyond that, the other two are also shown to have a slight curve at the very edge, which are also very barely perceptible at a glance. As such, it still remains to be seen if any of these differences will actually be visible once they are assembled on the final products.

So far, with the number of leaks corroborating the claim that the entire iPhone 15 line will sport the Dynamic Island, it looks pretty likely to happen. On the flip side, there are other bits that are still far from set in stone. Among these include the claims that there will be an Ultra variant. This was previously reported as being meant to either replace the Pro Max as the most expensive model, or be a whole new tier of its own, above the Pro Max tier.

(Source: ShrimpApplePro / Twitter)

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