Microsoft Rolls Out AI Image Generator To Everyone Using Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge Image Creator generated

Near the end of last month, Microsoft added its AI image generator based on DALL-E to its Bing search engine and Edge browser. At the time, as was the case with all of its other additions related to artificial intelligence, the image generator was only available in limited preview, which was rapidly expanding anyway. Now, the company says that it is rolling it out to “users around the world”, as long as they use the Edge browser.

Since it’s now going to be available to everyone, even if you don’t have it yet it’s a matter of time before that changes. And when you do get it, you can find the AI Image Creator on the sidebar on the right. If not, then you’ll have to manually add it to the sidebar via the “+” button at the bottom. While other option are still available, like the dedicated website for the Image Creator, for most, having the tool available in the sidebar is probably the more convenient way to go.

Microsoft Edge Image Creator announcement
Source: Microsoft.

Microsoft says this is useful for when you need “a very specific visual for a social post or even a Powerpoint”. Which is something we’ll try out with this piece of news, and you can tell us if the header image works well enough for the article.

Other things being added to the Microsoft Edge browser includes a Drop tool that lets you make files available across different devices, provided you’re signed into your account on the browser when uploading or accessing them. For laptop users, there are also new updates to the efficiency mode that gives you more options as to the way you want your device’s battery life managed. And if you’re the environmentally conscious type and are inclined enough to do so, you can also make use of this while plugged in.

(Source: Microsoft)

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