Microsoft Teams Now Puts Raised Hands In Chronological Order

microsoft teams raise hand order

Microsoft has recently rolled out a new update for Microsoft Teams that significantly improves the Raise Hand feature. The update could see interactions during online classes or meetings become more organised and maybe a bit less competitive.

In general, using the feature to raise your hand during a Microsoft Teams meeting session can create chaos when everyone wants to have a go at the same time. There’s no order, leading to the host having to either choose at random or whoever is the loudest which is not exactly a fair method to most participants.

With the new update, the feature automatically puts the raised hands in chronological order in the participants’ panel which effectively creates an organised and fair queue  The Microsoft Teams update was spotted by Microsoft MVP Cameron Dwyer on Twitter, who welcomed the feature as a Christmas gift.

The feature is rolling out to Microsoft Teams on all platforms, including desktop, web, and mobile apps. While it took Microsoft over a year and a half to implement this, it’s better late than never.

(Source: Petri.)

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