MySejahtera Gets Revamped With Digital Health Records

mysejahtera health records

As teased by Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin back in May, MySejahtera is well on its way to pivoting from being a COVID-19 management app to a public health platform. A couple of days ago, MySejahtera pushed out an update with noticeable visual changes as well as a new “Health Records” tab.

This was followed by the Health Minister himself confirming the new update, showing how it can be used by both adults and their children. The Health Records section will ask you to input your height, weight, blood type, and particularly for babies, the head circumference. After which, it will automatically calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) with a coloured indicator to show your classification.

mysejahtera health and vaccination records
Image: Khairy Jamaluddin/Twitter

There are sections for health screening and lab test reports from government hospitals and clinics in PDF form. Additionally, there is also a section where you can see the vaccination record of your children as well as upcoming appointments for the shots, removing the need for physical vaccination cards.

The records will cover all the 13 vaccines for children given under the National Immunisation Programme (NIP). That being said, the MySejahtera function is currently limited to only babies born after 1 July 2022. For those who got their screening or vaccinations done in private health facilities, the records can similarly be uploaded to MySejahtera as long as the facility uses the MyVas system.

The app has about 38 million registered users, and despite its rapid decline in daily usage after the government dropped the mandatory check-in mandate, it is still positioned to be a ubiquitous platform for public health. Khairy previously called it a “once in a generation population-wide enrolment”.

Aside from health records, the Health Ministry announced plans for upcoming features that will soon be coming to the app. The platform will be adding the ability to record your blood donation history as well as the pink book, the pregnancy health record for expecting mothers. An idea for allowing organ donation registrations on the app was also thrown around a while back, but that has yet to materialise.

(Source: MySejahtera/KKM)

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