Netflix Games Are Played By Less Than One Percent Of Subscribers

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Netflix is not exactly a name that you’d associate with gaming, regardless of the core or mobile market. Nevertheless, the streaming giant has been pushing relatively hard on its attempt to making inroads into the gaming space. Despite its efforts though, it doesn’t look like its subscribers will be making the association that the company hopes that it would, at least according to recent usage data of its games.

CNBC quotes data obtained via Apptopia that less than one percent of its subscribers are actively playing Netflix games. Of its 221 million subscribers, only 1.7 million of them are registered as daily users of its games. Download numbers are a little higher at 23.3 million downloads, but that’s a dubious metric in most scenarios.

Source: Netflix.

As mentioned, Netflix had been steadily adding mobile games to its library. On top of being freebies to subscribers, there are some genuinely interesting entries to the list. One example being the digital version of the Exploding Kittens card game, which even boasts two cards that’s exclusive to this version. That being said, these more unique experiences are outnumbered by the more generic, stereotypical mobile gaming experiences. If you’re a gamer looking for that sort of gameplay, the console and PC front provide selections that are not only larger, but also mostly better.

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All that being said, The report states that Netflix intends to more than double its current mobile games library. Currently listing 24 games, the company intends to push this all the way up to 50 by the end of the year. There will even be a few of these games that are based on the streamer’s more successful shows. Queen’s Gambit gets mentioned in this report, but back in October of last year, the company said that it intends to make a video game of its most successful show ever, Squid Game.

(Source: CNBC)

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