NVIDIA Could Delay GeForce RTX 40 Series Launch Again

Over the past few months, NVIDIA’s rumour mill have suggested that the GPU maker was planning on launching its next-generation GeForce RTX 40 Series, otherwise known as Ada Lovelace, this September and starting with its top-of-the-line flagship. We saw was, because now, it appears that there may another delay in its timeline.

Rumours of NVIDIA’s alleged new delay was brought up by the popular tech rumour monger and YouTuber, Moore’s Law Is Dead (MLID). In his latest video, MLID states the reasons he believes that NVIDIA could be delaying the launch of its RTX 40 Series, due to “overwhelming stockpiles” of RTX 30 Series cards that the company is now desperately trying to push out.

As to why this is the case and for those of you not the crypto scene, the surge in NVIDIA’s RTX 30 series stockpile, both new and used, is more or less due to the cryptocrash that happened recently; the value of Bitcoin tanked almost instantly, losing half of its value overnight. At the time of writing, the value of the cryptocurrency is currently averaging at the RM93000 mark.

MLID makes it clear that, while the new RTX 40 Series’ availability could be delayed until the end of this year, that doesn’t necessarily mean that NVIDIA will not announce them this September; at best, consumers are stuck waiting until the December before they’re able to get their hands on one of the company’s latest cards.

Of course, this is still just another rumour and as such, we do recommend that you take it with the usual consumption of salt. That being said, MLID’s predictions have usually been on the nose on these topics. For another matter, the specific date for the launch of the RTX 40 Series hasn’t exactly been set in stone, meaning that even the new December availability date could shift again, but that’s unlikely, especially if the GPU brand intends on beating AMD and the launch of its RDNA3 graphics architecture.

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