Pac-Man Community Is A Version Of The Game Specifically For Facebook

Pac-Man Community

Pac-Man is a classic game that you wouldn’t think would get a multiplayer iteration. Kind of like Tetris getting a battle royale spin. And yet here we are, with Pac-Man Community, a multiplayer version that you can now play on Facebook, of all places.

So what makes this version of Pac-Man different? At least when compared to the good old classic, this is both a co-op and competitive game. Co-operative in the sense that you’re all trying to survive not getting ended by the ghosts, and competitive because you’re still fighting for the highest score.

And being a Facebook version of the game, Pac-Man Community has all the other extra social features. This ranges from community-made levels, as well as the ability for Streamers on Facebook Gaming to invite viewers to join games. Also worth noting that this version is developed by Genvid, which The Verge notes is a company that specialises in interactive livestreamed experiences.

If you want to give Pac-Man Community a go, you can do so by hitting the link below. It can be accessed via the Facebook mobile app or on desktop via your favourite browser. Time will tell if it will fare better than Pac-Man Geo, which was announced in September 2020 but got shut down a couple of months ago.

(Source: Facebook via The Verge, Siliconera)

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