Palit Malaysia Lowers The Pricing of GeForce RTX 30 Graphics Cards: Now Starts At RM1,629

Several brands have recently announced price cuts for their GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics card offerings in Malaysia including ZOTAC, ASUS, and EVGA. Well, you can now add Palit to the list as well after the Taiwanese brand published a brand-new price list for their RTX 30 cards on Palit Malaysia’s Facebook page.

Involving 19 cards altogether, the list covers the entry-level RTX 3050 all the way up to range-topping, wallet-busting RTX 3090. As you may expect, the exact differences between the old and new pricing depend on specific cards although it still quite jarring from one tier to another.

You can easily recognize Palit GameRock cards by the rock-like textures on their thermal shroud, which also contain adjustable RGB lights. [Image: Palit.]

For example, the RTX 3050 cards receive quite a minor price cut for RM20 to RM30 but the rates are much significantly higher from RTX 3060 onwards which maxed out at RM2,100 for RTX 3090 GameRock. As per our previous coverages of the RTX 30 Series price cuts involving other brands in Malaysia, here is a handy table for easy reference:

If you are wondering where Palit’s new pricing stands against ZOTAC, ASUS, and EVGA, we have that covered as well through this table:

Due to the global chip shortage, you may have to manage your expectations when it comes to the actual in-store availability of these cards. That being said, the Facebook post by Palit Malaysia’s representative insists that the brand’s retail partners still have stocks.

Nevertheless, you may want to give them a call first before rushing off to their stores. You can also try your luck at Palit’s official Lazada store which at the time this article is published still has several cards like these RTX 3080 GameRock 12GB and GamingPro 12GB as well as RTX 3080 Ti GameRock in stock.

(Source: Palit Malaysia / Facebook.)

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