Persona 3 Portable, 4 Golden Land On “Modern Platforms” On 19 January 2023

Persona 3 Portable

For new fans of the Persona subseries who got hooked by the latest games under the Persona 5 umbrella, chances are they’ve never gotten the chance to experience the older titles. Specifically Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 and its Golden re-release.The good news for those who want to experience these older games is that they will be making an appearance on “modern platforms” very early next year.

Publisher Atlus made the announcement on Twitter. While the post itself only mentions Xbox platforms and PC, both Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden will also be on PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. For PC specifically, P3P will be coming to Steam alongside the other platforms. P4G, on the other hand, has been around on the digital store since 2020. As for lucky PS5 owners, these games will be playable, but as a backwards-compatible title.

Perhaps not too surprisingly, these two older games will only be ported to modern platforms after Persona 5 Royal, the newest game of the bunch, gets its re-release first. This will be happening on 21 October, again for all the aforementioned platforms, including Steam as well as current gen consoles.

But going back to Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden, these two games will be available on said modern platforms come 19 January 2023. For those who remember the rumour from all the way back in December of last year, it looks like only one of it ended up being a hit. Which is probably for the better, as newcomers to the series would probably prefer  mainline entry rather than a fighting game spin-off.

All that’s left for Atlus to do is to remaster or even remake the first two titles. If nothing else, it would give longtime fans of the series a good laugh as newcomers get their head around these two head scratchers.

(Source: Atlus / Twitter)

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