Porsche Has A Car That Is Exclusive To Gran Turismo 7

Porsche Vision Gran Turismo

Porsche, as a luxury car brand, is no stranger in the world of racing video games, and not one in the Gran Turismo series either. But for the upcoming Gran Turismo 7 that’s releasing in March next year, the German carmaker has something special lined up. And it’s a concept car that’s exclusive to the game.

The name of the car is the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo, an all-electric concept car. According to GamesBeat, it has futuristic features that would only work in a video game. Its designers spend about three years coming up with its look, “as if they were making a real car”.

Porsche Vision Gran Turismo back
Source: Porsche.

The front of the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo certainly looks outlandish, like you’d expect from the average concept car. But if you’ve played your worth of racing games, the back will be immediately recognisable, with a silhouette reminiscent of the by now very old Carrera GT or the newer 918 Spyder.

Deniz Keskin, the director of brand management and partnerships at Porsche, says that it has worked with Gran Turismo dev Polyphony Digital to make the video game exclusive concept the “hero car” of the game. So expect it to be among your final upgrades in the game when it comes out in March next year.

(Source: GamesBeat)

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