PS5 Grey Camo Collection Gets Local Pricing; Similar To Existing Colours

PlayStation 5 PS5 Grey Camouflage collection

Very recently, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced the Grey Camouflage Collection that consists of a DualSense controller, a Pulse 3D wireless headset, and faceplates for the PS5, sporting the colour scheme. At the time, the company provided availability dates, but not pricing. We expected that they will be priced similarly to the existing variants. Ans sure enough, PlayStation has since announced local pricing details that we expected

Starting with the Grey Camo DualSense controller, this is priced at RM369. If you remember, this is the same price as the controller’s other fancier colour variants – Cosmic Red, Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple. Which themselves come at a RM20 premium over the standard white and Midnight Black variants.

DualSense grey camo
Source: PlayStation.

As for the Grey Camo faceplate, this comes at the same price as the other four existing colours, mirroring the DualSense colour set. In other words, a pair of console covers, for both standard and Digital Editions, will come with a RM259 price tag.

PS5 grey camo faceplate
Source: PlayStation.

And finally, the Pulse 3D wireless headset. Grey Camo is only the third colour variant, in addition to the standard white and Midnight Black. But this fancy colour variant is priced the same as the other two, that is RM469. Which is a pleasant surprise.

Source: PlayStation.

According to the PlayStation blog post, the exact launch dates for the Grey Camouflage Collection “may vary by location”, which is a phrase we see pretty often. But since no specifics were provided, the post reuses the same dates as the ones in the initial announcement. Which is to say that the DualSense and console covers will come on 14 October, while the Pulse 3D still has a broad December window. Perhaps to no one’s surprise, the Southeast Asia market doesn’t get a pre-order window, which is probably for the better, all things considered.

(Source: PlayStation)

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