PS5 Limited Jailbreak Allows Access To Debug Tools

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Back in November last year, reports indicated that hackers have gotten their hands on the PS5 console’s root keys. This is regarded as the first step to console modding. And sure enough, someone has successfully hacked, or jailbroken if you prefer, the console that people still struggle to buy.

According to IGN, PlayStation Modder SpecterDev has unveiled a new jailbreak, which is an experimental IPV6 kernel exploit, for the PS5. A separate modder, going by Lance MacDonald on Twitter, has shown the jailbreak in action, gaining access to things like most users will never see, most notably the debug mode.

In addition to the debug mode, the jailbreak also allows users to install PS4 PKG files – basically a backup of a game – on the PS5 console. And of course the game to do this with is PT, the playable teaser of the cancelled Silent Hills.

All that being said though, this version of the PS5 jailbreak is pretty limited, and in a lot of ways. One is that the jailbreak will give users read/write access, but not execute for some reason. So even if you can install a copy of PT, you reportedly can’t actually run it. Another limitation is that the hack only works for PS5 consoles still running firmware 4.03, which was released back in October of last year. For other versions, SpecterDev says that it could work, but may need tweaking. Which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence since to top it all off, this jailbreak has a stability rate of 30%.

Either way, for the casual console owner, it’s definitely not worth risking your PS5 to try the jailbreak. Of course, that’s assuming you are fortunate enough to buy one in the first place. And when you do, it’s probably best to leave such things to the modding enthusiasts

(Source: SpecterDev, Lance MacDonald via IGN)

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