PS5 System Software Beta Adds 1440p Support

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Gaming consoles have made the leap from Full HD to 4K in the last console generation. Though surprisingly, on the current generation PS5, the resolution option that sits in the middle, 1440p, usually gets upscaled to 4K anyway. Though that may soon change, as Sony Interactive Entertainment is adding support for the resolution on the console’s latest system software beta.

As announced on the PlayStation Blog, those who get access to the beta software will get access to 1440p HDMI video output. This will mostly be something for people who use a gaming monitor rather than a TV for their PS5 gaming sessions. Which could also lead to better performance if you downsample your game from 4K.

PS5 software beta 1440p
Source: PlayStation.

Another feature that will be added to this beta update is Gamelists. Think of this as folders for you to categorise games. You can have 15 lists at a time, and up to 100 games per list. Beyond that, the update will also add the ability for players to compare 3D audio and stereo audio before you pick the one you prefer. Though if you have headphones that support 3D audio, there’s really no reason to not use it.

PS5 software beta Gamelists
Source: PlayStation.

Finally, there’s a list of social features being added, though since these are social features, they’re not all that exciting. To start, you can request party members to share their screen so that you can watch their gameplay. This is something that the PS4 has had for the longest time, so it’s weird that this is new to the PS5 beta software.

PS5 software beta request share screen
Source: PlayStation.

More useful are the Joinable Game Notifications, which tell you if a party member has an open slot in their game. Wrapping it all up are the ability to immediately view the profiles of people you just accepted friend requests from, and the ability to send stickers and voice messages from the Game Base.

(Source: PlayStation)

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