Quick recap from MMC Tuesday kick-off session

The first of the four sessions of MMC Tuesdays (sponsored by Omnia) aired live on MARKETING Magazine’s facebook page yesterday and despite a few minor resolution issues, it turned out to be a successful and engaging session.

Yesterday’s session marks the first time the Malaysian Media Conference has gone virtual and free. The session started off with an opening keynote by the conference’s organising chairman, Professor Harmandar Singh.

This was followed by a 30 minute presentation by CMO of MDEC, Raymond Siva on Punching Through BAU. Using his extensive experience overlooking 31-strong brand and strategic partnerships division at MDEC and his prior experience as CEO of Edelman Indonesia, Raymond deep-dived into various strategies businesses must adapt in order to successfully navigate the new normal.

Specifcally, reinventing elements of a business model by incorporating accelerated adoption of digital solutions.

“Without a comprehensive digital strategy, you risk wasting money on expensive technology without a clear idea of how it can be used to achieve business and revenue objectives,” Raymond explained.

He also shared several resources available through MDEC for Malaysians to take advantage of such as free access to 3800 online courses and professional certifications for unemployed Malaysians, Digitalisation Grants for SME Businesses and more.

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Raymond’s session was followed by a presentation from the CEO and Founder of YouthsToday, Jazz Tan.

Jazz started her presentation by sharing a personal anecdote on what inspired her to start YouthsToday, one of the largest youth online engagement platforms in Malaysia which matches matches student projects online with brand sponsors.

Using her 7 years of experience working with Malaysian youths, Jazz’s presentation focused on what brands should understand about the generation of future buyers.

“They are a generation that wants to be understood, given opportunities to and a generation that wants to make a difference in the world,” she said during her session yesterday.

Jazz also shared specific questions brands should ask themselves when targeting this specific generation and some examples of projects that have been executed by YouthsToday.

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The first session of MMC Tuesdays ended with a presentation by the Head of Communications from Microsoft Malaysia, Dashika Gnaneswaran.

Dashika took the audience on a compelling 30 minute journey describing the effects of technology that enables accessibility and inclusivity. Dashika also started her presentation with a personal anecdote sharing her own experience growing up in a family with disability and how it influenced her journey advocating for inclusivity.

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The comment section constantly received questions from audiences who tuned in live as speakers answered each question directly.

If you missed the live broadcast yesterday, you can watch the full video here on our YouTube channel.

Don’t forget to tune in next Tuesday (10 November) to catch a set of panelists who aren’t afraid to address the elephant in the room and two more inspiring speakers. One of them bought Friendster (yes you read that right) and the other is the creative mind behind Mekdi’s spicy ayam goreng ads you can’t get enough of.