Razer Huntsman Mini Analog Brings Adjustable Actuation To the 60% Crowd

Razer Huntsman Mini Analog 1

Razer launched the Huntsman V2 Analog last year, bringing analogue inputs to mechanical keyboards. Now, with smaller keyboards being the trend, the peripheral maker has announced the Razer Huntsman Mini Analog.

The Huntsman Mini Analog shares the same kind of Analog Optical proprietary switches as the V2 Analog from last year. This means it can do all the things its full-sized cousin can, which is controller-like velocity control. Push it half-way for a weaker input, all the way for a strong one, like an analogue stick or pressure sensitive trigger.

Like the full-sized version, this means that the Razer Huntsman Mini Analog keys have two actuation points that you can adjust. You can use it to set the equivalent of a deadzone, or actually use a single key for two different functions. The latter is not exactly the most practical of uses, but it’s there if you need it.

Razer Huntsman Mini Analog 2
Source: Razer.

Being a 60% keyboard, the Huntsman Mini Analog is something that you’re meant to carry around. And for that it’s built with an aluminium frame and a detachable USB-C cable to facilitate that.

The Razer Huntsman Mini Analog is now available via the brand’s official online store, as well as official stores on Lazada and Shopee. Prices are a little inconsistent though. While Razer tells us it has a local price of RM669, its online store shows a price of RM749 instead. As for its Lazada and Shopee stores, both show RM619 as the price for the same keyboard.

(Source: Razer, Lazada, Shopee)

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