Samsung Considers Replacing Google With Bing As Default Galaxy Phone Search Engine

Samsung Galaxy A34

When it comes to search engines, Google being the default for the vast majority, if not all phones, is probably what most people expect. And it’s not only for Android either, as iOS devices also use the internet search giant as the default. But one unlikely brand that may be looking to make the switch is the biggest Android phone maker out there: Samsung. And the search engine that it is considering switching to is none other than Bing by Microsoft.

According to The New York Times, Samsung never shared the exact reason behind the potential switch. But within the Google walls, staffers assume that it’s probably the AI features that Microsoft has been pushing into its Bing search engine. The report notes that those working for the internet search company learned of this possibility last month and, predictably or otherwise, were shocked when they found out.

Google Bard
Source: Google.

With AI being a potential reason for Google to lose out on a major customer, the company is noted by the report to be “racing to build an all-new search engine powered by” AI. Which is probably the natural response if the company suspects that it will be losing Samsung money to Microsoft because of that very reason. In addition to building a new search engine, the internet search brand is also “upgrading the existing one with AI features”, which all fall under the project name of Magi.

Source: Microsoft.

Google and Microsoft both announced Bard and Bing AI respectively at about the same time window. Both appear to have their own individual quirks, with none being clearly better than the other overall. But while the former has been cautious about its rollout, the latter has been noticeably more aggressive. Though if Samsung is really looking to switch its search engine partner, this seems an odd metric to base the decision on.

(Source: NY Times)

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