Samsung Odyssey Ark Takes Curved Widescreen To The Extreme

Samsung Odyssey Ark

Samsung announced that you can buy its massive Odyssey Neo G9 ultrawide curved monitor in November last year. Then at CES 2022, the company announced an even larger curved monitor, in the form of the Samsung Odyssey Ark.

This extra large curved monitor measures in at 55 inches across, while still managing to maintain its 16:9 aspect ratio, according to The Verge. You can use it either in the usual horizontal way, or flip it vertically with its height adjustable stand. This way, you get the equivalent of three 24-inch monitors stacked on top of one another. The 1000R curve means that using it this way will have some of the screen almost directly above you if you use it this way.

Samsung Odyssey Ark top view
Source: Samsung via The Verge.

The Samsung Odyssey Ark also comes with a wireless wheel controller for you to adjust the interface of the screen. Using this, you can also adjust the Mini LED backlighting.

Since it has the more usual 16:9 aspect ratio, it also has the standard 4K display resolution. But since Samsung was very light on details, there’s no detailed spec sheet for the Odyssey Ark for now. The same can be said about price and availability. But the report mentions it being available in the US in the second half of the year. We’ll have to wait until we hear from Samsung before we know when, or if, it is coming to our shores.

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