Samsung To Supply Volkswagen With New Exynos Chips For Cars

Samsung Volkswagen semiconductor chips Exynos

Samsung Electronics will manufacture and supply Volkswagen with new and advanced chips, Reuters reports. The production aims to meet strong demands for semiconductors to power different electrical components in the automaker‘s vehicles, including one mounted in infotainment systems developed by LG Electronics.

The South Korean tech giant states that its chip design business, System LSI, will be developing three different advanced chips for this purpose – two of which will bear the company’s Exynos brand. The first is revealed to be the Exynos Auto T5123, a chip with 5G-capabilities for telecommunications and high definition video downloads. The second is Samsung’s S2VPS01 chip, which regulates a vehicle’s onboard electricity supply.

The third is the Exynos Auto V7, an infotainment processor for Volkswagen’s Car Application Server (ICAS) 3.1 high-performance computer, which is – as mentioned earlier – developed by fellow South Korean tech company and rival, LG Electronics. Samsung says the chip is capable of handling up to four displays and controlling 12 onboard cameras simultaneously.

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The company is among other semiconductor manufacturers such as Taiwan’s TSMC that are ramping up production to help tackle the ongoing global chip shortage, which is expected to last another couple more years. On that note, Samsung revealed last week that it will be opening a new semiconductor site in Texas, which is estimated to cost the company around US$17 billion (~RM71 billion).

(Source: Reuters / Samsung)

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