Scalpers Are Having Trouble Selling NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4080 Above MSRP

As powerful as NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4080 is, the card isn’t selling as well as the RTX 4090, and the reason for that is simply because folks think it is, well, just too expensive. In fact, the reality that most gamers would rather fork out the extra RM1000 for the RTX 4090 has affected another group that many of us love to hate: the scalpers.

Because of the low-volume sales of the RTX 4080, scalpers that had initially bulk-purchased the GPU are now stuck with them and the realisation that it isn’t the hot-selling item that they thought it would be. Compared to the last time when these unscrupulous, profiteering individuals were able to resell their ill-gotten gains for as much as four times the actual value, they are now struggling to even sell one card at above MSRP.

(Image source: Techspot.)

One scalper in particular even offered to offload up to six RTX 4080s at their MSRP, stating that the market for the card wasn’t what they thought, echoing what we just said earlier.

But the woes of these scalpers get even worse for them and hilarious for us. You see, because they are unable to resell their volume-obtained RTX 4080s, the next step in cutting their losses would be to return said cards and get a refund simply. Unfortunately for them, some retailers such as the digital store Newegg have decided that they will not allow buyers who purchased NVIDIA’s second-most powerful Lovelace GPU to refund them. And its response is quite possibly in both response and anticipation of this situation occurring.

It also doesn’t help these scalpers – not to mention that it adds insult to injury – that there are some individuals that are waiting with bated breath for AMD’s upcoming RDNA3-powered Radeon RX 7900 XTX and XT GPUs that its maker has boasted will be on par with the RTX 4080 and in some titles, even blow it out of the water. For another matter, both cards are also expected to retail at a much cheaper MSRP, with the 7900 XT retailing from US$899 (~RM3944) and the 7900 XTX from US$999 (~RM4383).

(Source: Techspot)

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