Scuf Gaming Now Has Its Reflex DualSense Controllers

Scuf Reflex series

Corsair subsidiary Scuf Gaming now has a few modified DualSense PS5 controllers. The company has three of these under its Reflex line, with one that’s specifically for FPS titles.

The regular Reflex DualSense controller features remappable back paddles, interchangeable thumbsticks, and the capability to store on-board profiles. Then there’s the Scuf Reflex Pro, which just has the extra grip textures for a steadier hold onto the controller.

Things get really interesting with the Scuf Reflex FPS. Not only is it the priciest of the three, it also does away with the two most important features of the DualSense controller – adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. The triggers are “instant”, presumably actuating with the slightest press. And the removal of vibration is probably because it can be a distraction during high tension FPS rounds.

Scuf Reflex Pro
Source: Scuf.

Of course, that’s not to say any of these are exactly affordable. The regular Scuf Reflex costs US$199.99 (~RM844), followed by the Reflex Pro and its US$229.99 (~RM971) price tag. Then there’s the Reflex FPS, with the removed features, for US$259.99 (~RM1097). If price is no object to you, then you’ll be glad to know that the company delivers to Malaysia for a US$29.99  (~RM127) fee. But for now, the company says that it had sold out its first batch of Reflex controllers, though no word on when the next will be available.

(Source: Scuf via Engadget)

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